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  • Make It Home

    Make It Home

    Seek inspiration in all places. Be present, and set yourself up for success. For far too long I neglected creating a proper workspace. Worse yet is I had he time and resources to change it. Of course the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the second best time is today.…

  • A Look Back

    A Look Back

    Accountability check: I’m trying to dust off my photography hobby. I’ve made some photographs this summer, but have not brought it home via edits and blog posts. Here I am working through my backlog along with a brain dump of what I’ve been on about this summer.

  • See to the real you

    It wasn’t until showering this morning—OK. OK. This afternoon. So what if I like to sleep a little late?—that I realized I totally forgot about this photo. Taken in my backyard all the way back on May 24th I processed this baby up and apparently moved on to other things. Cripes. Memorial Day parties to…