Quick fire in the slow sunshine

A late afternoon macro photograph of a newly blooming quick fire hydrangea. The fresh tender white buds are just set to pop with a soft focus settling around the two open flowers.
Quick fire in the slow sunshine — 100mm | f/4 | ISO 100 |EXP 1/160

This one took a bit of investigating. I have a prominent bush in my back yard that blooms in late summer with some beautiful and bug friendly flowers. As I type I’m certain it’s swarming with life.

I’ve had my suspicion it was some kind of hydrangea but I was never certain as it seemed a little too sparse and a little too large. Alas, my mom got to the bottom of things at a local flower shop this afternoon and came through to let me know that this here shrubbery is a quick fire hydrangea.

With all that said I look forward to more macro goodness at the feet of this flowering shrub in the coming weeks.





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