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  • Autumn Intonation

    Autumn Intonation

    Autumn sings its beauty in mysterious, esoteric ways. Yet the comprehension is there if only we take the time to look and listen. The beauty of autumn reveals a promised truth: rebirth and renewal is always there waiting for us. Take a moment to listen and observe the songs nature speaks.

  • A Farewell to Flowers

    A Farewell to Flowers

    Some pink to delight. A touch of green to soothe. An easy beige to calm. A spread of brown to hasten. Fall is upon us as much as this colorful bouquet would show otherwise. If looks could deceive this quick fire hydrangea would take a bow in the starring role. Come spring this bush blooms…

  • Backyard Bouquet

    Backyard Bouquet

    I am suffering from an itchy shutter finger. Photos have been few and far between lately, and once I saw a spot of afternoon light touch upon my backyard quick fire hydrangea I popped on the 35mm and squeezed off a few shots. I set my aperture to a wide open f/1.4 in hopes for soft…

  • These are for you

    Friday’s are always better with flowers. At least I think so. With Fall here this is getting to be just about it for flower season. Until next year, little buddies.

  • Grooving on some sunshine

    I took this on Friday so I’ve been a little lazy in getting this posted. My plan was to post this for #floralfriday but hooray laziness. That was sarcasm. Mostly. Each season, for the past three seasons anyway, I make a point to photograph my backyard quick fire hydrangea in the early Fall; after its…

  • Beeswax, are you minding it?

    This shot is a holdover from this past Sunday. I spent a good half hour stalking my quick fire hydrangea as it lay awash in rich golden light and carpenter bees. Despite the abundance of airborne insects doing their pollinating thing it what seemed like fast forward, I couldn’t get a single carpenter bee to…

  • Quick fire in the slow sunshine

    This one took a bit of investigating. I have a prominent bush in my back yard that blooms in late summer with some beautiful and bug friendly flowers. As I type I’m certain it’s swarming with life. I’ve had my suspicion it was some kind of hydrangea but I was never certain as it seemed…