Macro photo of a Jane Magnolia blossom with soft focus and bokeh.

Magnolia Season

Macro photo of a Jane Magnolia blossom with soft focus and bokeh.
Magnolia Season — 100mm | f/3.5 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/400

For a long while my Jane Magnolia has suffered through meager blooms. About five years back, powered by eagerness and inexperience, I pruned my magnolia a little too much. I did it in spring instead of fall, too. Regardless, it has seen lackluster blooms ever since. Ten or so blossoms at that was about it. Sure, they still flaunted their power purples, but the showing was sparse at best. This year it turned a corner. Dozens of purple wonders splayed out in fine style.

In this photograph I present here a dreamy rendition of a Jane Magnolia blossom. Marked by soft lines and blurred curves the viewer falls easy into the whimsy. Evoking a mood of modesty and beauty. The vertical orientation lengthens the composition and settles the eye on the sharp leading edge of the front petal. Horizontally situated toward the lower third of the frame, it is the only part of the photograph captured in focus. The bokeh pulls back the frame from there, blending the accompanying petals through lessening degrees of focus.

I love making this kind of macro. The mix of a pastel colors, soft flowing lines, minimal focus and maximal bokeh allows the eye to work over the photograph. From here the viewer fills in the gaps. They hear their own stories; see their own enchantment. Flora evokes emotions and memories unique to us all. This here is a canvas set for your imagination to work upon. Magnolia season welcomes all.

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