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  • Whispers in the Dark

    Whispers in the Dark

    The exceptional thing about living through history is having, if only in a small way, the rare chance to shape it. By staying home, observing social distancing protocols, calling a friend, keeping a journal, checking on a neighbor, telling someone you love them, taking a walk, or making a photograph. Small acts when executed across…

  • Magnolia Season

    Magnolia Season

    A soft focus marco photograph of a lone Jane Magnolia blossom. Beset with whimsy and evoking the warm smiles of a welcomed dream, flowers bring about rebirth and new beginnings.

  • Jane Says

    Jane Says

    I bought my home from my parents in October 2009. Built in 1993, my parents put in much work to cultivate a lovely yard through the years. Cue up yard work montage footage full of old clothes and dated hairstyle. And yes, I bought the house I grew up in. Under my ownership I have…

  • The White Wizard Approaches

    The White Wizard Approaches

    This is the second time I’ve dipped into the well of anthropomorphizing flowers in a high key macro photograph. While two times does not a trend make, I have a pseudo third example if you take the time my mid-bloom maple conjured thoughts of dragons—to be fair it was Game of Thrones time. For me…

  • Such is Life

    Such is Life

    Unwelcome cold has crashed the Mid-Atlantic early spring party and brought its unsociable below freezing friends with it. After a well above average March, with temperatures readily exceeding the 70s and 80s, winter has stormed back with a vengeance laying waste to my Jane Magnolia bush. It was only a week ago I wrote about…

  • Missed


    I’ve been chewing on out of focus photography for a while now—and by a while now I mean well over a year, and by out of focus photography I mean pictures that are deliberately rendered focus out, in absence of sharpness and clarity. Now I am not ready to declare this here photo the start…

  • A demure magnolia named Jane

    My side yard where the back meets the front features a fence gate, a forsythia, some tiger lillies and one modest Jane magnolia. It’s taken a beating in recent years—it simply has not responded well to its transplant two years back. After a complete bust of bloom last Spring my magnolia bush appears to be…