Just Missed The Round Up

Macro photograph of a silver-spotted skipper butterfly atop a purple coneflower with a coiled proboscis
Just Missed The Round Up — 100mm | f/3.5 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/640

Here’s another shot from last Sunday’s macro session. And as the title would suggest I just missed my focal point. You can see the sharpest section of the photo happening over the silver-spotted skipper’s right wing instead of its eye and proboscis—thanks Google for letting me know what a butterfly tongue is called. This mess-up could have been mitigated with 1) steadier hands, 2) a tripod, and/or 3) stopping down to let’s say f/4–4/5.6. Shallow depth of field can be a beautiful thing, but it’ll kill ya when you miss. Such is the way of things.

Many far better photo making type peeps than I preach photographists should only show their best work, leaving the mishaps for the doldrums of our digital libraries. There’s certainly wisdom in these words, but I’ve carved my place in this hobby without paying much attention to the rules. This is not to say sound guidance is not important, I think it’s more to say that sometimes we need to make, or at least break, the rules—particularly if it’s an activity your doing for your own sanity and growth. After all how can we grow without exposing ourselves warts and all?





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