Just last night

A long exposure wide angle landscape photograph taken at night just in front of the lake at Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area. Low clouds race across a sky that's back-dropped with stars.
Just last night — 14mm | f/2.8 | ISO 400 | EXP 30 sec

It wasn’t until my buddy Jon and I were heading back over Manahawkin Bay en route to the mainland by way of the causeway bridge that we took note of the sky; brightly lit low hanging clouds were racing across it, seemingly illuminated by the light pollution below. Once back at my house we quickly decided to make a run for Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area for photographs. I hadn’t been night shooting in a while and was more excited by the idea than usual.

Once there the clouds had filled in a bit more than we would have liked. And the bugs? Well, they were doing annoying bug things. But after about a half hour some clearing came to bear and brought some stars into the exposure. This shot was my last of the night and it just so happens to be my favorite.


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