What lies beyond?

A silhouette self-portrait of Greg Molyneux watching a late Fall sunrise
What lies beyond — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/6

Get back to where you once belong

I once was a blogger and now I blog again—only this time with photographs.

I’d say for the past month or so I’ve been putting slightly more than a passing thought to having my own website once again. In a past life moonlighting as a web designer, I did a lot of blog and design works with friends. We had a blast. Our digital couch moved from Atlas Editorials to Babeled to Nuclear Fissionary; my friends and I took our passions, opinions, and occasional sarcasm to the blogs. It is now that I take my photographs to this space.

Starting back with my 365 photo project (366 as it was a Leap Year) that began on January 1, 2012, I’ve embarked on a most unexpected journey. A trek that has taken me from beleaguered photographic neophyte, to a serviceable photog with a passion for landscape and macro photography. Of late, wide angle work has really captured my interest and gets the bulk of my attention—this site should somewhat reflect that addiction. But who knows how my photographic interests will evolve from here?

The plan for now is to post various photographs to this site offering insights and explanations into what my mind is seeing. Photography has moved and relaxed me, and I hope you can find a small piece of solace to enjoy while you visit.





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