Waving in the marsh grass

Windswept marsh grass is photographed with late afternoon sun backlighting pastel clouds of blue, pink and yellow bringing the seeds to life with golden color.
Waving in the marsh grass — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/15

Make the wind do the work for you. It was blustery yesterday, and I capitalized on this by having a lazy enough shutter (1/15 of second) to allow the wind to create the slightest hint of movement in the photograph. You can just start to notice it in the bushels of marsh grass seed that look oh so slightly out of focus throughout the lower half of the photograph.

I’ve been craving a glowing shot of marsh grass ever since I’ve been photographing New Jersey marshland; one really featuring the marsh grass itself. This one is my new favorite. The warm glow and soft motion backdropped by dramatic clouds of pink and yellow pastels captures the essence I seek quite well.





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