This Will Do

HDR photograph of a smoldering sunset over Stafford Forge
This Will Do — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

I’m not in love with this shot. Mother Nature did all the heavy lifting today, rendering a slow burning sunset over Stafford Forge. I just kind of showed up and went along for the ride. My “problems” began on arrival. My plan was to revisit the spot Joe and Jackie brought me where I dabbled with a little astrophotography a couple weeks back. Unfortunately when I arrived at the trail there were cars—and where there are cars there are people—and where there are people there is a place Greg will not go.

Short on time with the sun setting fast, I returned to the front lake. Completely uninspired with my first setup and unsure as to how best to frame my shot, I searched my immediate surroundings looking for anything and everything that could give me a serviceable foreground. About 20 feet away to my left I found the branch you see above and rolled with it. To further my criticism in this airing of grievances the photograph is too right heavy; which is to say there’s just not enough balance from right to left—all the action (re: weight) is happening on that side. Compounding this is the section of longer grass filling the right corner, just behind the branch. Not my best work, but it’ll have to do. On this night Mother Nature gets a B+ and Greg Molyneux is slapped with a C (probably gonna get grounded).

Website update: I’ve been asked to participate little show coming up at the Little Egg Harbor Library on Thursday, November 12, and was tasked with putting together an artist statement and bio. Considering I went through the trouble I figured why not create a real deal about page and include it? Well, here you go.





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