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  • Time Marches On

    Time Marches On

    2024 coming in hot! At this point years flip about as fast as single pages on a tear away calendar. It’s a gift to grow old. An opportunity to experience the relativity of time mounting years speed ever swifter.

  • Path of Gold

    Path of Gold

    Over a decade of photography and I finally found a great new spot close to home. Feast your eyes on a sunlit wooded trail at golden hour. I look forward to many years of exploration and photographs. I look forward to capturing this spot in snow.

  • The Morning Look

    The Morning Look

    Here I take a moment to both relish in a rare (for me) sunrise photograph, and the joy in panning my shot for some motion blur landscape abstraction. In the written work, I take to explaining what it is about panning that pleases my tastes so well. I break it down to four areas: color,…

  • Shaken


    New Jersey photographer Greg Molyneux shares his latest hospital scare the day after capturing a sunset out on Cedar Run Dock Road salt marsh. Heart issues continue to weigh heavily on his mind, and has him shaken to the core. Stay healthy out there, and take care of yourselves, my friends.

  • The Blind Side of Clarity

    The Blind Side of Clarity

    You need not me to tell you the world is an all out dumpster fire right now. Pandemics, invasions, unchecked authoritarianism, a warming planet, rank incompetence, and on it goes. It all feels a blur, and you are right to fret. But we must hold firm. We must take care of our own and hold…

  • Second Time Round

    Second Time Round

    Shoot the same shot twice and it’ll never be the same. No matter how hard you try this truth will hold. One of the great rewards of making photographs is the differences, both subtle and great, that arise between exposures. Tactical changes take these differences even further. This brings powerful creativity to the photographer, affording…

  • The Call Back

    The Call Back

    Is the call coming back? Has the voice imploring me to return to making photographs grown louder and more urgent in recent weeks? Can I find inspiration and growth in making photographs once again? Is there more waiting for me in this space? I hope so, and I think so.

  • All Blur

    All Blur

    Displeased to report photography has been something of a chore these past few months. Here’s hoping there’s a chance to rediscover some of the magical respite I have benefited from these past 10 years.

  • The Sea Moves

    The Sea Moves

    Let’s explore a photography technique that intentionally introduces motion blur into the finished image. Combine steady hands, confident, steady motion and a lazy shutter to produce stunning minimalist photographs. The effect of motion brings a painterly touch to heighten the drama.