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  • Last Summer fire or first Fall burn?

    To equinox or not. At some point today, harried by one pained throat and an equally upset stomach, I determined today was the equinox. How couldn’t it be? It was the 22nd of the month and yesterday wasn’t the equinox, so… Excellent clouds were out and about all throughout the day, and I thought there’s […]

  • A new place to play

    My buddy Jon and I had some time to kill and set out for some photo-exploring. Initially targeting the Barnegat Lighthouse, we made way to Long Beach Island and turned north. Approaching our final destination we made a quick pit stop at an area Barnegat Light bay beach. Unremarkable on its own, that beach told […]

  • Who watches The Watcher?

    We had a brief outbreak of light snow today and I wanted to get out to photograph it. With my friends up and their truck accessible, we took a cruise down to Barnegat Light figuring the snow pack and potential salt water ice flows would have something to offer as far as interesting pictures go. […]