Last Summer fire or first Fall burn?

Overlooking a calm Barnegat Bay, this HDR photograph features an unbelievably intense sunset with striking orange, yellow and pink. All backed in a rich turquoise.  Taken mere hours before the start of Fall.
Last Summer fire or first Fall burn? — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

To equinox or not.

At some point today, harried by one pained throat and an equally upset stomach, I determined today was the equinox. How couldn’t it be? It was the 22nd of the month and yesterday wasn’t the equinox, so… Excellent clouds were out and about all throughout the day, and I thought there’s no way in hell I am going to miss an equinox sunset shoot so long as I’m well enough to do so. Driven by my superstitious—watch Ancient Aliens for hours at a time—side comes out, and my mind all but assumes there has to be an outstanding sunset because, hello? Equinox. I mean this is just how the universe works. In honor of this assured collision of cosmic forces, I decided to up the ante and shoot from a new location: Barnegat Light.

The 23rd?!? Really?

Seriously? I can’t ever remember a solstice or an equinox happening on a 23rd. Insert incredulity.

When I learned this I was already en route. Tweeting my despair I soon learned all was not lost. There was a technicality that would save me yet! Fall, you see, arrives at 10:29 p.m. for those of us on the East Coast. So while this photograph was taken during Summer, it’s still on the date with which Fall will arrive. Convenient.

None of this, however, speaks for the real show. That sky. Wow. It all came together today. The air was remarkably clear, with the cold front that passed through last night visibility far exceeded its norm, making from uniquely sharp conditions. The cloud striations were great, the colors magical, and the air pure. It was a sight to behold in person, and I am so pleased to have a capture to share with you. This shot has vaulted to the top of my personal favorites. It’s gonna be a tall order to better this sunset. You’re on notice, solstice.





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