Snow noir

A black and white abstract photograph of a street light with falling snow. Shot with plentiful bokeh in a film noir style. Taken by Manahawkin, NJ, photographer Greg Molyneux.
Snow noir — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 5000 | EXP 1/40

Nighttime snow will forever mean one thing: incessant checking of the streetlights for evidence—and intensity—of falling snow. Snow lovers know what I’m talking about.

This winter has been somewhat vexing. There’s been plenty of snow but not enough opportunity for my camera and me to exploit it. With tonight’s passing clipper, I was not to be stopped. Even if it meant a quick jaunt to the streetlight one house down. But hey?

With one quick exposure into moderately falling snow and a streetlight I’ve gazed up at so many times before, my camera made real what my mind imagined. I knew immediately this was destined for a very deep sepia treatment and one cool outcome. I hope you enjoy.





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