Sky Lights

Pastel skies over a calm lake reflection in this HDR photograph taken at Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area
Sky Lights — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

Lots of credit to Jon Carr. He nailed it when he picked Stafford Forge for tonight’s location for optimal sunset shooting.

With cirrus clouds filling the air, tonight had the earmarkings of a good one. The light was energized, the temperature was crisp, and the natives (me) were restless. A veritable perfect storm for picture making. The only threat was a low level marine cloud layer, but its threatening presence along the westward horizon proved little more than a bluff as it did not inhibit the sky palette from coloring in any way whatsoever. Once the sky was coloring up at our backs, on the east side, the worries of another cloud-out drifted away. Hope sprung eternal.

What happened over the next 15 minutes was a combination of photo making enjoyment and good old fashion natural wonderment. It’s such a thrill to watch the entire dome of the sky paint itself as a clock would—the colors slowly marching from east to west over the great arc in the sky. It was when the color was at our zenith that I quickly abandoned the westward shot I had all framed up with my tripod in order to make the photo you see above. Sometimes you’ve got to be ready to call the audible when Mother Nature surprises you with better light elsewhere.

Tonight was a lot of fun. This photograph is just icing on the cake.

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