Sit for a moment?

A cross processed wide angle HDR landscape photograph of a park bench, beach sand, and Barnegat Bay just at sunset. Dramatic clouds dominate the sky and a cool blue tone brings a real calming influence to the image.
Sit for a moment? — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

After an afternoon palling around with Jon and cousin Dan—a jaunt that included a surprise bridal shower drop-off, some tasty burgers, cigars and some bayside Weiβe bier Quelle style—we made our way to Sunset Park in Surf City, New Jersey, for sunset. The place was happening (always nice to see); young and old, Long Beach Island revelers were out in force to pay homage as we spin from the sun.

Looking back it wasn’t the most spectacular of sunsets, however there was such a subtle late summer calm to the whole scene. Using the park bench in the foreground speaks the perfect narrative for a shore community and a landscape that has brought such great memories to so many. As we prepare to say goodbye to another summer we can’t forget to stop, breathe, take it all in and sit for a moment.





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