Pine bound

A low key macro photograph of the end tip of a pine branch. Tucked away within the pine needles, small brown nodes of new growth mark the focal point of this image.
Pine bound — 100mm | f/4 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/250

I had some time to kill yesterday and met up with friends at my buddy’s place. With some fresh growth breaking ground across the property I went for the macro lens. After all this time attached to my wide angle lens, the macro felt good and comfortable. Like meeting up with an old friend.

I made my way flower to flower (most of which were daffodils this early in the season), even stopping at some fungal growth clinging to old wood, until I settled upon a little pine tree. Eyeing it up I went with a center focus on the new growth.

In this setting applying heavy contrast during post processing serves to draw attention right to the midpoint while the background falls away into blackness. I had a hard time deciding upon this image and its black and white equivalent. I like them almost equally. Perhaps I will post that interpretation later.





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