One down

Four purple coneflowers (echinacea) in full bloom are framed in this solemn cross processed shallow depth of field photograph. With a bud in each quadrant one flower has succumbed.
One down — 40mm | f/2.8 | ISO 400 | EXP 1/40

Sometimes you’ve just got to bust out the 40mm pancake lens, set the aperture wide open and let it rip. I was initially drawn out by some interesting storm clouds off to the west but my attention soon turned to my purple coneflowers just chilling in the moody twilight glow; ominous skies have a thing for casting unique light and it’s always worth paying attention to.

With a wide open aperture comes a shallow depth of field—an effect that has excited me since my earliest days of photography (when I first realized what the hell depth of field was and learned how to achieve it). You’re always going to trade-off sharpness and soft corners while wide open but based on your intent it may be just the look you’re going for. Such was the case here.

As an added ode to my 40, since I’ve added this little guy to my bag my 50mm has seen almost no action. I know photographers the world over laude the potential of the nifty fifty but I just never seem to shoot with it any more (as of this post no photos here have been taken with my 50mm). I’m just drawn to the smallness, convenience, and overall versatility of this cheap little pancake prime.





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