Portrait orientation HDR photograph of NJ Pinelands pygmy pine trees at blue hour
Heightwise — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

With evening onshore flow winning the atmospheric battle for the second day in a row heading west was the lone option for sunset photos. To the Top of the World we go.

Upon reaching said destination I began mentally framing my shot. Take a few 360° head scans across the pygmy pines. Look up. Kneel down. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Let’s hear it for #process. From this vantage point there are two pitch pines that always command my attention. Each standing twice the height of the almost comically small pitch pines running out the entire landscape in all directions. It’s a neat place. A place Gulliver might recognize.

As far as the photo making goes—I want to work more on portrait (vertical) orientation photographs. I have always found them difficult to make, fortunately there are others who produce the most wonderful images from this perspective. While I’ve had a few successes it’s a blindspot in my wide angle landscape game I hope to address with time and practice. Failure and success.





One response to “Heightwise”

  1. Ben Avatar

    Thanks for the compliment on that shot from Florida. I definitely felt the creativity flow while being in a whole new world and having no responsibility (like at home). There are so many neat places to explore down in the Keys. I just wanted to go out and shoot all day long but that was a go no for this trip. Maybe next time…

    As for shooting landscapes in portrait orientation, I love it. I always try to focus on something small in the foreground like a tree or grass. Helps draw the eye in and gives you more room to show off anything that is playing out high in the sky. Cant wait to see what else you shoot. We should get together for some photos soon!

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