A photograph of late day sunlight pierces a snow covered wooded trail meandering through the thicket.

And Suddenly you Find Yourself

A photograph of late day sunlight pierces a snow covered wooded trail meandering through the thicket.
And Suddenly you Find Yourself — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/160

I love snow—there’s just no other way to say it. Now that photography has emerged as my latest passion I’ll look to bring together snow and shooting as often as nature allows.

Two weeks ago, while exploring the trail at the Ballanger Creek Habitat Enhancement Site with friends, the unsullied trail was coming alive with the fading of the afternoon sun. As I came around one final bend, I stopped short, crouched down, and knew I found my shot.

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9 responses to “And Suddenly you Find Yourself”

  1. Adam Ehrenworth Avatar
    Adam Ehrenworth

    Awesome shot. I can almost feel the cold and the snow as I look at this. (I also instinctively tried to put my sunglasses on)

  2. Greg Molyneux Avatar
    Greg Molyneux

    Thanks Adam—and thanks for checking out my new site. You get the honor of being comment number 1. I image you can hardly contain your excitement.

  3. Alan Sills Avatar

    Great shot! What equipment are you using?

  4. Greg Molyneux Avatar
    Greg Molyneux

    I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and this was taken with a 14mm prime.

  5. Mia Villanella Avatar
    Mia Villanella

    This is the one. You almost don’t want to breathe, so as not to disturb the silent snow. The peace surrounding you keeps you warm. The moment’s fleeting. This shot keeps it forever.

  6. Greg Molyneux Avatar
    Greg Molyneux

    Regarding not disturbing the snow: I had to hold my friends back behind me so as not to leave footprints before I made the shot. Whether it be sand on the beach or snow on forest floor, I am not a fan of footprints in my photos.

  7. Monica Avatar

    Your photography gives me warm & fuzzy feelings for several reasons… first of all I’m a Jersey native. I grew up mostly in Kearny but also spent quite a bit of time down the shore… therefore I avoided being labelled a Benny, lol. Secondly I love the ocean more than I could even say. I miss her so much since I’ve moved out of my home state. I have been fortunate enough to live near both the Atlantic and the Pacific at different times in my life and I love them both. And third, I dabble a bit in photography myself (I’m definitely an amateur) and I especially love doing landscapes and portraits. I absolutely adored viewing your photographs and your website leaves me hungry for more.

  8. Greg Molyneux Avatar
    Greg Molyneux

    I’m glad this has brought back fond memories for New Jersey. I am passionate about the underrated beauty of our home state, and a real focus of my photography work is to run counter to the narrative that this state is being nothing more than runaway suburban sprawl. I’m lucky to live right on the fringe of the Pinelands, so I have a unique wooded wilderness just to my west, and the splendor of Long Beach Island beaches just to my East.

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