Watch the spray

A blue hour photograph featuring ocean spray bursting behind a lone foreground jetty rock sending water in all directions
Watch the spray — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/50

I made it up to the ocean tonight. I’m glad I did. Between the meh clouds and a tide chart noting a low tide coinciding with sunset the decision was pretty easy.

I probably don’t photograph the ocean as often as I should—I imagine this has something to do with my not a morning person status. Sunrise is the time to go, I’m just too lazy.

But tonight it did not matter. The light was great. The tide was out. The jetty exposed and the day glow stellar. The only thing that was going to impede my shooting tonight was the wave action under my tripod. For this reason I had to go handheld.

There was a lone piece of jetty rock set about 6 feet away from the main jetty. Between waves I was running up to the rock, dangling my camera about 3 inches from the sand, and trying to time the shutter with water spray firing off said rock. Since I was shooting a mere 15 inches from the jetty rock, the big risk was getting myself and my camera out of there before the spray got to me. All went well, and I got a sweet shot.





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