These colors are not your own

A cross processed wide angle landscape photograph taken during golden hour at Stafford Forge Wildlife Management Area. The purple hues and single solitary pine at the end of a meadow grass ensconced dirt road create a whimsical, almost melancholy mood in the scene.
These colors are not your own — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/25

See that tree over there? The sparse one to the left rising up and all alone? Good. I couldn’t stop seeing it either. Everywhere I walked yesterday that quiet, unassuming tree kept reaching out for my attention—intimating its desire to be seen but never at the expense of being the center of attention. It carried a quiet confidence, overcoming its superficial loneliness; with each passing moment I became more and more convinced this tree was perfectly happy with its existence, with its place—hiding in plain sight. I as much as anyone can appreciate that.


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