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  • A Look Back

    A Look Back

    Accountability check: I’m trying to dust off my photography hobby. I’ve made some photographs this summer, but have not brought it home via edits and blog posts. Here I am working through my backlog along with a brain dump of what I’ve been on about this summer.

  • Let’s Go

    Let’s Go

    A weary world turns to 2021 seeking relief in the form of warm hug with the tender promise everything’s going to be all right. We’re ready for something positive. 2020 set a low bar and should not be hard to better, nevertheless let’s make sure we bounce back together. Let’s go.

  • Short Days

    Short Days

    Winter is disruptive to time, or at least our perception to it. Short days and long nights wreak havoc on our internal clocks sending us reeling to adjust. At times late afternoon feels like the middle of the night and the middle of the night feels like prime time. Despite the disruption, long nights give…

  • Slow Way Round

    Slow Way Round

    Pastels revisited. Here’s another look at the cotton candy sky show photographed on September 27, 2019. In this image we look east at sunset and see the kind of color over the marsh we would expect to see at sunrise from this vantage. Sunsets, long may you reign.

  • Until Next Season

    Until Next Season

    With autumn coming in quick it is near time to put flower photo season to bed. Here is a late season Black-eyed Susan blossom demure before strong late afternoon light; strong contrast driving home the power of the photograph.

  • Cast Adrift

    Cast Adrift

    From moody wisteria macro photos, to old colleagues, to baseball blogs, to the ending of three of the biggest pop culture franchises of our generation, photographer Greg Molyneux bounces through a litany of thoughts. Come for the photographs and stay for the musings.