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  • Sunday Alone

    Sunday Alone

    Yes this was published on a Monday, but yesterday when I was making what I’m ready to declare my best series of flower photographs in years was in fact a Sunday. I have it on good authority that not only is Sunday is a day that ends in ‘Y,’ it always precedes a Monday. Allegedly. […]

  • Alternate realities

    Follow the plan, they said. Don’t break the rules, they said. Welp. Here I am. Breaker of Rules. Destroyer of Conventional Wisdom. Over and over you’ll hear keep those horizons straight! and get those power lines out of there! And that’s all well and good. Rules exist for a reason. They keep us focused and […]

  • Still worth it

    Twilight was cold. And windy. And frankly the sky was largely meh—a ho-hum vestige at best. Did I mention it was windy? And cold? Wind was such a factor I was concerned about camera shake with my exposures. Were it to wind up being an issue it would have been further compounded as I was […]

  • I’ll leave you when the summertime

    Since I was already down in Little Egg Harbor visiting with friends today, Great Bay Boulevard always hung in the back of my mind as the likely landing spot for tonight’s obligatory sunset chasing. I say obligatory if only because a) it’s a Saturday in winter—rending me home from work—and b) the setup looked favorable […]