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  • Little Lion

    Little Lion

    As it is with most felines, my cat loves to bask in the warm sun. She waits patient at my sliding backdoor for my daily opening of the shades. This morning the sky broke clear and blue, and the sun’s power was further fueled by a fresh snowpack. The light was strong. Aware of the…

  • Roommates


    I present my new partner in crime. Daisy “Chain” Cat. She’s a Maine Coon cat loaded down with fluff and stuff enveloping a pronounced air of dignity. When she’s not traipsing to and fro from food bowl to litter box she’s setting up shop on a comfy bit of furniture near you. Daisy is my…

  • El Gato

    El Gato

    Is #caturday still a thing? The hashtag phenomenon calling all cat people to all things cars on Saturday—you know a caturday? My yard calls to suburban furry creatures as an animated thicket beckons would be Disney characters to newborn prince. Ample cover, low level shrubs, plants, and flowers provide optimal feeding grounds for all kinds of…

  • Check out all his majesty

    Name: Oliver Known Aliases: Ollie, O-town, Oliver Twist, Laurence Olivier, [redacted] Occupation: Cat Dog Modus Operandi: Lures victims with underbelly. It’s a trap. Every time. Known Affiliations: #catsofinstagram, #caturday, and Real Fine Felines of Baltimore County™ Mission: Escape