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  • Symbol of Strength

    To better set the stage take a watch—and listen—to the snow bands and high winds that slammed into Barnegat Lighthouse Monday night. Please excuse my shaky hands. Taken a the top of the 10 o’clock hour, I tucked in low and close along the concrete seawall that runs all the way out into the inlet. […]

  • Safe harbor

    As I was taking the seven bracketed exposures for last night’s shot, I was looking back northeast over my right shoulder at the incredible scene happening to my rear. Old Barney awash in blue hour pastels, cast in a soft pink glow. There was too much great light and not enough cameras (in the interest […]

  • A new place to play

    My buddy Jon and I had some time to kill and set out for some photo-exploring. Initially targeting the Barnegat Lighthouse, we made way to Long Beach Island and turned north. Approaching our final destination we made a quick pit stop at an area Barnegat Light bay beach. Unremarkable on its own, that beach told […]

  • Who watches The Watcher?

    We had a brief outbreak of light snow today and I wanted to get out to photograph it. With my friends up and their truck accessible, we took a cruise down to Barnegat Light figuring the snow pack and potential salt water ice flows would have something to offer as far as interesting pictures go. […]