Putting your heart on the line

A macro photograph of freshly blooming pink bleeding hearts. Still small and bunched together, this photograph is processed with a fine art film grain.
Putting your heart on the line — 100mm | f/4 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/250

Or hearts if you’re a Time Lord.

It’s a grey, sullen day here in New Jersey. Rain, wind, and cold decided to bring shades of Winter back into the fold with highs that have struggled to get out of the 40s. But hey, it’s May tomorrow, right? Right?

This shot is a holdover from this past Saturday; today seems as good a day as any to post a reminder that Spring is in fact here—even if it doesn’t know it yet. Bleeding heart flowers are a real favorite of mine, and my yard, front and back, is appropriately fashioned with them. An early season bloomer, I’ve got both white and pink varieties. I captured their development just as the hearts are beginning to take shape descending down to their final position on what amounts to be a flora close line. As soon as the good weather returns I’m sure I’ll be photographing them in full bloom.





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