Sunset photograph of a reflective marsh tide pool

On Moments of Stillness and Reflection

Sunset photograph of a reflective marsh tide pool
On Moments of Stillness and Reflection — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

Life happens. Good, bad, or indifferent life happens most when we least expect. The random acts of chaos that lay waste to any and all attempts at preparation and control. Casting aside sudden change’s immediate injection of drama—positive or otherwise—the dust settles to reveal opportunities for growth, change, and renewal. Yet when the certainty of impermanence becomes all too real it can become a bit tough to remember that advice in the heat of the moment.

How we deal with the uncontrolled happenstance of life is a central part of the human experience. How we maintain perspective and sensibility in the face of upheaval works to keep us malleable enough to reshape ourselves in the face of change without losing who we are. When life gets a little bit weird it’s the little things that can help pull us through. Maybe laying eyes on the uninterrupted smoothness of a dead calm body of water, reflecting the setting sun without a imperfection. A scene with wind so still you can close your eyes to hear nothing but your heart stir, reminding us we are alive and well. These brief cuts of serenity now steel us for the insanity later.

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