Lift the Veil

Low key photograph of the Cedar Run Dock Road Octagon House
Lift the Veil — 100mm | f/2.8 | ISO 100 | EXP 1/160

The Weather Gods hath decide to play a cold grey trick on we the residents of coastal New Jersey. After what was a perfect Memorial Day Weekend, the cold, the grey, and the rains have set in. Of course on a macro level while this precipitation is most welcome—drought has been creeping in—it does cramp anyone’s weekend warrior status.

I made this photograph was made 5 days ago, and we still haven’t seen a reprieve in the weather. (I have a canceled flight to Austin Texas and a weeks worth of fireplace ignition to show for it). I imagine we all like to think of the Jersey Shore come June as a magical place of sandy beaches and warm sunshine. Too bad we’re just not there yet.

Here’s to the summer warmth that inevitably awaits.

For the Birders: can I get a little bird help? Is that a cormorant chilling on that post?





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