Bob Ross, still with us

A long exposure HDR landscape photograph taken at the Ballanger Creek Habitat Enhancement Site. Darkened clouds overhead make their way about the sky reflected on water as still as glass.
Bob Ross, still with us — 14mm | f/22 | ISO 100 | EXP 41 sec

I grew up on Bob Ross. Streams. Mountains. Happy little trees. And while I never could paint, I’m fortunate to have found the medium of photography to capture our world in my own way.

Under impressive cumulus clouds and an afternoon of time to kill, Jonathan Carr and I ventured out to Ballanger Creek Tick Habitat Enhancement Site. Seriously, Jon brushed off four of them. He was also wearing flip-flops on a nature trail. So, you know.

Upon recommendation of my buddy and kick-ass photographer, Vincent Damiano, I acquired and applied gaffer tape to my viewfinder and the small gaps of space about my ND filter mount. It worked. Previously I have struggled with excessive grainy noise around the perimeter of my ND filter shots. I suspected minions of light leaks were at play. My hunch was well-founded as I am pleased to report the gaffer tape did its thing.





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