Around that bend is Kewe

Moody light seeps in deep with this brooding low key photograph of a leafy footpath in the Pinelands leading around a bend to here unseen Kewe campsite at the Joseph A. Citta Scout Reservation
Around that bend is Kewe — 40mm | f/8 | ISO 800 | EXP 1/13

I took this photograph tonight at scare school. That’s right. Scare school. My awesome friends are getting ready to put on the third annual Zombie Outbreak at the Joseph A. Citta Scout Reservation in Brookville, New Jersey, tomorrow (10/24) and Saturday (10/25). We set up a wicked zombie village walkthrough deep in the pines and all proceeds go to charity.

Tonight we met up with some volunteers to go over the basics. Ergo scare school. I took this shot just after sunset making way through the trails to the backside of where it’s all going down: the Kewe Campsite. This weekend is going to be great, and hopefully I have a picture or two to share.


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