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  • Heart Opener

    Heart Opener

    Soon you take the lessons of heart openers with you off the mat. Focusing on your heart becomes A Thing. Cultivating it. Protecting it. Honoring it. You come to understand the importance of keep your heart open for others and for yourself. This is the love that will save the world.

  • Double Down

    Double Down

    How about a little summertime partner yoga on the salt marsh? Check in as I photograph yogis Rose Dease and Adam Binder doing partner yoga atop Aperion Yoga’s Twilight Blush yoga mat. Look on as they work asana magic astride the double yellow lines of Cedar Run Dock Road in downward-facing dog and an L-shaped…

  • Now Is the Time for Yoga

    Now Is the Time for Yoga

    Or at least to photograph it. While I began my own yoga journey in November 2017—an asana out of my comfort zone—I took another pose out my safe space earlier this December. Before I further mix metaphors let me get to it. Adam Binder, entrepreneur and founder of Apeiron Yoga, after what I can only…