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  • The Way of Walking Alone

    The Way of Walking Alone

    The bumblebee works alone. Dutiful to his task, hard at it for his hive. Out in the world it is a solitary life of discipline and purpose. Skill builds for honing a craft with a singular drive, full of intention. What can we learn of the bumblebee? What can we learn of ancient masters?

  • Peony Leisure

    Peony Leisure

    Among spring flowers the peony rains supreme. The ground level royal companion who so elegantly follows the twin beauty of the cherry blossom. Two flowers worthy of Japan warrant a haiku.

  • Working Class Hero

    Working Class Hero

    Dutiful honey bee plying her trade. Drinking her nectar and loading her pollen basket, she works with intent. With energy and purpose she minds her craft. Even alone the hive is on the mind. Her community needs her; needs her singular focus to feed and to provide. To sustain the group. Bounding atop pistils by…

  • The Technician

    The Technician

    On the perils of labels. It is easy to apply limits in how we label ourselves. There is a push-pull tearing at the labels we self-apply measured against the labels others seek to apply. In this post I take a look back at how I’ve evolved my own self-limiting thinking. Analyzing how I worked to…

  • The Collector

    The Collector

    Understanding the uncertain fate of the honey bee, a lynchpin species for prolific pollination needed in a balanced ecosystem, I am beyond pleased to have them feast upon my Black-eyed Susan flowers in numbers. Oh, and they make joyous macro photo subjects, too.

  • Identify Yourself

    Identify Yourself

    My brain gets the best of me. Often I wrap myself sideways in details that stand meaningless to most. Mired in Minutia: A Greg Molyneux Memoir. Case in point, I present this photograph. I’ve been scrutinizing Google images for days, sweating over proper bee identification. Is it a bumblebee? A carpenter bee? A rusty patched…

  • Stage Left

    Stage Left

    Time is weird, man. While I feel mired in quicksand, struggling to move in chronic slow motion I am juxtaposed by the fast moving reality that it’s July. In 2016. Or so I’m told. Somehow, somewhere, I’m still stuck in April 2006, but hey? Any Multiverse theorists want to take this on? So here I…

  • Let’s Pollinate

    Let’s Pollinate

    With summer in full swing it’s high time to get back to my macro roots. In the front yard fresh daisies are in bloom affording the perfect opportunity to return to some good old fashion handheld camera fun. Macro work is a chance to get back to basics—a chance to ditch the tripod, ditch the bracketing, ditch the…

  • Beeswax, are you minding it?

    This shot is a holdover from this past Sunday. I spent a good half hour stalking my quick fire hydrangea as it lay awash in rich golden light and carpenter bees. Despite the abundance of airborne insects doing their pollinating thing it what seemed like fast forward, I couldn’t get a single carpenter bee to…