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  • Take Leave

    Take Leave

    Rest and self care are essential for a full and healthy life. Listen to your body when it tells you to take pause. Listen not and it will tell you in far more intense and frightening ways. So please, check in with yourself, rest, and chase a sunset.

  • Peony Leisure

    Peony Leisure

    Among spring flowers the peony rains supreme. The ground level royal companion who so elegantly follows the twin beauty of the cherry blossom. Two flowers worthy of Japan warrant a haiku.

  • Heaven Scent

    Heaven Scent

    Come for the dreamy lilac photograph that looks so good you can almost smell it, and stay for the haiku—it’s short by definition.

  • The April Fool

    The April Fool

    Moody 35mm photo of a yellow daffodil blossom evokes dreams of poetry, even if it a bit unwieldily. Here the photographer muses over the fools in life he assume they know it all.

  • Sky Floor

    Sky Floor

    Altocumulus clouds glory in reticulated patterns. Like a well kept parquet floor who’s played host to countless balls and dance. The glimmering lights waltz upon the sky shimmering and bending, passing off as the scale of the fish.

  • I Was Once

    I Was Once

    Jonathan Carr and I checked out Parkertown Docks for the first time ever. We hung around through blue hour for the full moon rise. It so happened to be the second full moon of October, making this a blue hour blue moon rise.

  • I Knew You When

    I Knew You When

    Leave it to a sunset to bring pause to a racing mind. A pause long enough to strike the muse and leave the photographer trying about lines of poetry. The result may not be great, but the effort is always worthwhile.

  • Where Goings

    Where Goings

    Creative expression comes in many forms. Here, a day removed from my 38th birthday, I share a poem to dance with my photograph. Touching on the themes of time, age, and acceptance as we grapple with inevitability.

  • There and Back Again

    There and Back Again

    A swollen tide with ease to lend Face kissed with salt the sweet scent friend. Your heart beats slow about an oxbow bend To the place you take there and back again. Interested in buying? Purchase