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  • Callery pears and a little bit of whimsy

    After work yesterday I was milling about my front yard taking in the fresh blossoms and the last of the late day sun. Three cheers for later sunsets. At this early stage of Spring my two callery pear trees are in their full blooming glory. As the fading light of golden hour was dancing on […]

  • Still worth it

    Twilight was cold. And windy. And frankly the sky was largely meh—a ho-hum vestige at best. Did I mention it was windy? And cold? Wind was such a factor I was concerned about camera shake with my exposures. Were it to wind up being an issue it would have been further compounded as I was […]

  • Kicking Around on a Piece of Ground in your Home Town

    I remember photographing this Small Blue butterfly like it was yesterday. She made for the most patient of subjects, giving me a solid five minutes to position, hone in and shoot. I intentionally underexposed for a low key effect, and then in post processing with Sliver Efex Pro 2 I bumped up the brightness on […]