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  • The Way of Walking Alone

    The Way of Walking Alone

    The bumblebee works alone. Dutiful to his task, hard at it for his hive. Out in the world it is a solitary life of discipline and purpose. Skill builds for honing a craft with a singular drive, full of intention. What can we learn of the bumblebee? What can we learn of ancient masters?

  • Green Sight

    Green Sight

    Served here a dreamy 35mm photo of a lilac blossom. Shot wide open at f/1.4, it features soft focus and smooth bokeh, cross processed to a green hue. As we lose ourselves in the fantasy of this photograph, we muse upon our futures.

  • You See

    You See

    A sublime pastel sunset over late June salt marsh has me questioning my own assumptions. Where has the green marsh gone? As sunset light reflects upon the marsh, I, too, reflect on if what I thought knew was true. Despite seeing the same place over and over for years you can “observe a lot by…

  • The Moon Was a Crescent

    The Moon Was a Crescent

    The moon was a crescent, thin and sharp as the blade of a knife. A pale sun rose and set and rose again. Red leaves whispered in the wind. Dark clouds filled the skies and turned to storms. —Bran III, A Dance with Dragons; volume five in A Song of Ice and Fire. Author George R.…

  • There and Back Again

    There and Back Again

    A swollen tide with ease to lend Face kissed with salt the sweet scent friend. Your heart beats slow about an oxbow bend To the place you take there and back again. Interested in buying? Purchase

  • East Watch by the Sea

    East Watch by the Sea

    The Saturday night burn was long and sweet. Like a lasting goodbye to the one we hold most dear. Sunset came, it saw, it conquered. Anxiety fell still to a palette so bright and unmoving it was as though the hands of time ceased to be. Seconds turned to minutes. The minutes, hours. And the hours…

  • False Spring

    False Spring

    It’s been warm, folks. Strangely warm for February. Temperatures have ranged in the low- to mid-70s the past two days and it has many wondering if spring is already be upon us. Its tempting to give into the notion with nascent buds and bulbs beginning to show themselves early around much of the Mid-Atlantic. And…

  • Once More Unto the Breach

    Once More Unto the Breach

    People, can we take a moment to talk about this photograph? I try my best to avoid any and all self aggrandizement while beating my chest set atop a majestic horse who itself sets atop an ivory tower, but man, I am in love with this picture. Let’s start with the truthful reckoning: I in…