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  • Home Again

    Home Again

    COVID-19 has given me time to work in the yard. With the cleanup has come better conditions for flower and plant life to thrive. Giving me ample opportunity to make macro photos without having to break any kind of social distance mores.

  • Color, Please

    Color, Please

    Achieving great results with shallow depth of field is all about your aperture and your distance to your subject. Close in shooting at larger apertures will help you produce this desired effect. Whereas backing away and stopping down to a smaller aperture will increase your area of focus. Get out there and experiment!

  • Spring Hyacinth

    Spring Hyacinth

    The hyacinth. A flower and name seemingly of bronze age origin. It’s a flower of imagination, fantasy, and hope. The kind of flower a concept artist would create when designing an idyllic alien world. I love them.

  • The brooding Hyacinth

    I’ve been waiting for this little guy to show up—one of my favorite early season flowers. At this point I was beginning to think it wasn’t gonna show this year. But finally, just the other day, this lone Hyacinth finally reared its welcomed head. Now ready for the camera, I spent some time this afternoon…