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  • Heart Opener

    Heart Opener

    Soon you take the lessons of heart openers with you off the mat. Focusing on your heart becomes A Thing. Cultivating it. Protecting it. Honoring it. You come to understand the importance of keep your heart open for others and for yourself. This is the love that will save the world.

  • Heartstrings


    Bleeding Hearts (dicentra) are a captivating plant and make a wonderful macro photography subject. Dicentra’s unique, flower shaped blossoms with the tear drop bottom hold special allure for this photographer as a connection to the beloved Legend of Zelda series.

  • Unbowed Heart

    Unbowed Heart

    This entry is more than a macro photograph of the striking Bleeding Heart (Dicentra) plant and its beautiful heart shaped flowers. It is an exploration into the power and multifaceted nature of the human heart. For it is our hearts that is the powerhouse of the human condition.