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  • The Morning Look

    The Morning Look

    Here I take a moment to both relish in a rare (for me) sunrise photograph, and the joy in panning my shot for some motion blur landscape abstraction. In the written work, I take to explaining what it is about panning that pleases my tastes so well. I break it down to four areas: color,…

  • Fish On

    Fish On

    2023 has proven a banner year of fall run striped bass fishing up and down New Jersey beaches. While I have no bass to show for it, it’s been great to get back out there with family and friends. Pictured here is my cousin, Dan Molyneux, plugging for striper at sunrise off the beaches of…

  • It Starts My Mind Flowing

    It Starts My Mind Flowing

    The day broke clear. Northwest winds funneling crisp air across the coastal plain. One last battle in the fight between winter and spring. Unseen as it was. Sleeping late as usual the day made off with a quick start. Catch up after a long night redeeming Hyrule. I bounded about from laundry to bill pay,…