Soft focus

HDR photograph taken just before sunset at Sunset Park in Surf City, New Jersey. This photograph features a bulkhead capped by fence and fiery sunset colors over Barnegat Bay.
Soft focus — 14mm | f/3.2 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

It feels like forever since I’ve gotten out for a sunset. Fortunately, conditions worked out tonight providing a solid setup for shooting. To change things up I made for Sunset Park in Surf City. I figured I’d give Barnegat Bay some love. I’ve always liked the vantage point here, especially in Spring and Summer months, but sometimes struggle framing up an interesting foreground. Tonight I went with the bulkhead to fairly pleasing results. Except I made one key mistake. I made these seven bracketed exposures at an aperture of f/3.2—almost wide open and hardly conducive for sharp images. I adjusted my post processing approach accordingly.

The takeaway? Always check your settings.





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