A space for photography and expression

  • The Line

    The Line

    What do we make of familiar places contradictorily feeling so foreign and so remote? What aspect of psyche brings this duality to bear? It’s like the discomfort in our own shoes writ large onto geography. It is but land. Nothing more; nothing less. So why do we give it so much power?

  • Be Here Now

    Be Here Now

    Nothing wrong with going back to the familiar. Returning to what works. Finding comfort in the things we know best. While I’ve been dabbling with panning motion blur in my landscape photographs, I took a moment earlier this week to remember my roots. Tack sharp salt marsh photographs at sunset. Now if you’ll indulge me…

  • Shinespark


    What happens when area mean with camera meets sci-fi meets video games? Well, Samus Aran shinesparking across the sunset sky is what apparently. I’ve been doing a fair amount of pan shot motion blur photography of late, and this has coincided with Metroid Dread launching, and well, now I seem to see Samus everywhere I…

  • Lone


    The distance between insufferable isolation and serene solitude is near indistinguishable. It’s as if both states coexist as two layers laid atop each other. It’s a parallel world of contentedness vs. suffering. We must be cautious when decided someone’s loneliness for them, for we may never know if they are roiling or at peace. Therefore…

  • Peace Where We Can

    Peace Where We Can

    It’s been hard to relax these past few years. No one needs me to cite the manifold reasons why. More important is we stay humble and open, and apply ourselves to finding peace wherever we can. This is how we overcome together. So be kind and gentle—and let’s go Yanks!

  • Blue Too

    Blue Too

    2021, you win. I am burnt out. The stressors of life are closing in like a vice, and escape seems more an impossibility than some far off thing that will come eventually. I am tapped out and in serious need of a break.

  • The Call Back

    The Call Back

    Is the call coming back? Has the voice imploring me to return to making photographs grown louder and more urgent in recent weeks? Can I find inspiration and growth in making photographs once again? Is there more waiting for me in this space? I hope so, and I think so.

  • The Worn One

    The Worn One

    Observing the lifecycle of flowers—from bloom to doom—sets the mind thinking to our own aging arc. At middle age the flower of my youth is long gone making all this time alone more intense and frightening.

  • World Between Worlds

    World Between Worlds

    Caterpillars can set a mind to thinking. Imagine knowing such a profound metamorphosis would soon set upon you? How would that change your life and your perspective?

  • All Blur

    All Blur

    Displeased to report photography has been something of a chore these past few months. Here’s hoping there’s a chance to rediscover some of the magical respite I have benefited from these past 10 years.

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