It doesn’t matter; it’s in the past

An HDR photograph taken at sunset from the east end of Cedar Run Dock Road. Rolling waves from Barnegat Bay move onshore leaving heavy foam upon the small shell-laden beachfront.
It doesn’t matter; it’s in the past — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

Lazy poster alert

This photograph is a holdover from this past Sunday and I’m only now—Friday afternoon—getting around to posting it. As it was a Sunday evening I had more pressing priorities, ya know, Game of Thrones premiere and stuff like that. As for why I couldn’t post it some other time this week? Well, I have no excuse. Except baseball.

Thinking back to last Sunday conditions were cold. And windy. I was greeted by a nice headwind off Barnegat Bay as I was making my bracketed exposures and was concerned that sturdy tripod be damned, I’d face some camera shake. Fortunately the sharpness seems solid enough so I don’t think it was much of a factor. The low-lying clouds hanging just above the horizon was actually smoke from an area forest fire that happened in Chatsworth, New Jersey, Sunday afternoon. To my knowledge it was not a controlled burn. Hopefully the damage wasn’t too extensive.

This spot, while on Cedar Run Dock Road, was a new vantage point for me. All in all, not a bad spot.


I’m heading down to Washington D.C. on Saturday afternoon with some friends for the Cherry Blossom Festival. With any luck I’ll have a few pictures to share. Until then happy weekend!





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