Fallback plans

An HDR photograph taken at the end of Cedar Run Dock Road overlooking the bay to the south taken just after sunset.
Fallback plans — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 50 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

I had every intention of shooting with my ND filter today. I even got so far as to spending the greater part of my sunset shoot one 300 second photograph at a time. After cursory glances at my LCD I was pleased with the exposures rolling through. It wasn’t until closer inspection—after I was packing up my gear—that I noticed the litany of light leaks scattered about each photograph. Looking at the images back home on the computer revealed even more frightening results. It was so bad you could actually see the entire reflection of my convex lens in each picture. It was almost immediately that I knew where I went wrong, I loaded the filter onto the mount in the outside slot instead of the inside slot. A rookie mistake. One I will not make again. The added spaced allowed the light to bounce wreaking havoc with reflections.

Rewind back to sunset, where I didn’t have the benefit of a large display and well-informed hindsight, I quickly set up shop so I could test my now filterless lens to ensure nothing funky was going on with my glass. Sparing no haste I composed the shot above and fired off seven bracketed exposures. Not a bad way to turn the shoot around, and I made a mistake and learned.





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