Biding my time

A serene blue hour befalls a calm Barnegat Bay in this wide angle HDR photograph taken from the secluded shores of High Bar Harbor, Long Beach Island, New Jersey.
Biding my time — 14mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 7 Bracketed Exposures

Shooting has been at a premium of late. More so it seems the few opportunities I’ve had to make photographs have been either clouded out or entirely uninteresting. Neither of which cultivate and atmosphere for good and/or interesting landscape photographs.

Despite today’s near totally cloudless sky, my buddy Jon had the good notion to venture to Barnegat Light on Long Beach Island. He figured at the very least we could maybe make some golden hour frames of the fishing boats at Viking Village. No trespassing signs be damned, we couldn’t get anywhere that would produce a good shot with violating someone’s well-earned property rights. We made for the secluded High Bar Harbor as a timing killing Plan B.

Upon reaching our destination the draw of pictures became little more than an afterthought. We killed the bulk of two hours talking through the world’s problems, making them worse, and watching the sun go down. Between the serpentine sand patterns sprinkled with a hint of cloudage that began marking the westward horizon, I figured I might as well grab my camera and tripod and make something out of nothing.





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